During the first year of the Leader U program, Residents focus on becoming effective teaching coaches while also taking on increased responsibilities within a school. Supports and responsibilities for Residents include the following:

Summer Onboarding

Residents learn (and practice!) the basics of coaching, initiative development, and developing strong culture.

Bi-weekly Leadership Coaching

Residents meet regularly with their coach, focusing on their specific development plan.

Targeted Monthly Talks

Working with their cohort, Residents develop skill in providing effective feedback and best practices in varied disciplines.

Associate Teacher Mentorship

Residents coach and develop an associate teacher through the year.

Ongoing Professional Development

Opportunities are tailored to the Residents’ specific development plans.

“The program’s power is the people. I can’t think of another program or place where I would get this level of coaching to be a school leader.”

– Grace Han, Leader U Resident


The Leader U Fellowship is for Residents who have successfully completed their Year 1 and initial applicants with extensive leadership and coaching experience. The Fellowship is school-based, with programming tailored to each individual’s needs. While no two Fellowships are alike, Fellows develop themselves and their leader lens through common supports including the following:

Two-Week Summer Professional Development

Fellows begin to craft and develop a vision of excellence encompassing instruction, culture, and operations. They also learn from a variety of network leaders while beginning to develop their own leadership voice.

Weekly Leadership Coaching

Fellows meet with their coach, focusing on their specific development plan.

Initiative Development

Fellows develop initiatives to target their school of residency’s needs in the following areas: Coaching Teachers, Leading Teams, Building Strong Culture, and Engaging Families.

Monthly Analysis and Reflections

Fellows reflect on key moments in the school year and how a leader drives change through intentional thought and actions.

Ongoing Professional Development

Opportunities are tailored to the Fellows’ specific development plans.